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Project Description

Back to the Sound

By Elise Holsonback

Molly Cathryn Miller never knew what she wanted to be until her first live concert. An initially unwanted trip to see Aimee Mann spurred Miller to begin creating a destiny for herself in music, practicing on her brother’s old guitar for four hours a day. “Eventually, I started to make it sound good, and everyone was surprised,” said Miller.

Miller began playing in different bands in college, writing her own songs and spending time recording and putting out music. Miller moved and toured around the United States until last June, when the end of a relationship and her struggles with anxiety prompted her to move back home to Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She moved back home with her parents and began to fix up their riverfront home, hoping to chip away her anxieties with the old paint.

Miller awaits the future with hope, saying that regardless of her anxiety, she still feels as though she is growing as both a person and musician by taking life a little slower. She hopes that in the next year, she can finish fixing up the exterior of the house, alleviate her anxieties and fears, and head off to whatever lies ahead.

“When something looks discarded but important or like it was once loved I feel really compelled to jump in and help it along its path to recovery. And so I feel like by breathing a second life into the house and breathing a second life into the car hopefully by osmosis I’m doing that for my own person.” – Molly Miller