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Project Description

Green Light

By Nathan Klima

Seven-year-old Austin Meads tries to enjoy a normal childhood while dedicating a significant amount of time to his newfound passion: motocross racing. Austin lives with his mother, Lorrie Meads, and his father, Ray Meads, in Elizabeth City, NC. Since starting his career in competitive motocross racing in 2016, Austin has won three state championships.

Lorrie and Ray make many sacrifices for Austin, specifically in terms of time and money. Countless hours are spent practicing at the local track, even on school nights. Also, many of the big competitions that Austin participates in are held in different states, which requires time off work and money set aside for travel expenses. However, like most parents, they are willing to do whatever it takes in order for Austin to live out his dreams.

“As long as the light is green, with Austin, we’re going.” -Lorrie Meads