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Project Description

I’m Still Here

By Darian Woehr

“I don’t know what will happen to the house. I’d rather for it to be torn down than for it to stand here and get in bad shape and have nobody to anything about it.” -Flora Robinson

Situated in the middle of downtown Elizabeth City, a large Victorian house calls attention from locals and tourists alike. Flora Robinson, the 102-year-old resident of the house, is well known around town for her historic home. She watches from the confines of its walls as the town she has lived her entire life in changes around her.

Flora feels she has outlived her time, witnessing the demise of her house and her health as the world slowly turns around them. The house will most likely be torn down after Flora’s death, leaving Elizabeth City without the historical landmark and ties to the past so many of its residents long for. For now, her house and memories offer a glimpse into what Elizabeth City was like during her time.

“I’ve lived too long. There’s an end to everything. I don’t know when mine is.”