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Project Description

Passing Reigns

By Brenna Elmore

“Once you have the horse bug, it doesn’t go away.” -Carla Bundy

Horseback riding was always a family affair for Carla Bundy, owner and founder of New Hope Stables in Hertford, N.C. Bundy spent her childhood training to be an Olympic horseback rider, teaching her sisters Donna and Georgeanne how to ride and spending summers with professional coaches to perfect her art.

Although Bundy dreamed of going to the Olympics, her mindset changed when her older sister, Donna, passed away in a car accident. This major life change set Bundy on a different path—from student to teacher.

At New Hope Stables, Bundy teaches riders from six to 70 how to take proper care of a horse, how to be safe around the large animal, and of course, how to ride. While Bundy misses certain aspects of professional riding, she loves watching her kids accomplish their own goals and pushes them to follow their dreams.