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Project Description

Salt in the Veins

By Alex Kormann

Jamie Parker works nine hours a day on the water and 24 hours a day as a father.

Jamie Parker is a fifth-generation commercial fisherman. He works nine hours a day crabbing on the local waters of the Albemarle Sound. He provides seafood up and down the east coast of the United States, with a good portion being hand-delivered to his family’s restaurant, Henry’s, only 5 miles away. When he’s not on water, he is the father to his two kids, Fisher and Finley. But he also has full-time jobs as a husband, brother, son, grandson and uncle.

Everyone pushes buying local seafood around the Outer Banks but the question remains: where does that actually come from? Who actually brings that seafood in by hand every day? And what makes it so special? This is a day in the life of a man who does it; follow him from dawn on the dock to downtime with the kids.

“You always hear the saying people have salt in their veins. Something about that salt water we have here; people just can’t get away from it.” – Jamie Parker