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Project Description

The Cat Dude

By Matt Couch

Jamey Blyth is not the stereotypical cat lover. After serving time in jail, Jamey began working at the SPCA of Northeastern North Carolina in 2015 as a way to make the ends meet. However, after a short time, Jamey realized that his work in the shelter wasn’t just a job but rather a dedication to saving hundreds of abandoned, neglected, overlooked animals.

After being forced to work in the “cat room”, Jamey began to bond with cats, now owning four of his own. Through his time spent in prison, Jamey sees similarities in animals and inmates, making him want to help the animals go to a permanent, loving owner even more. Through the shelter and cats, Jamey believes he has become a gentler, more selfless person.

Despite his love for the shelter, Jamey is leaving to work with his father-in-law in order to better provide for his fiancé and their two-week-old daughter. During his last week of work at the SPCA shelter, Jamey reflects on what has made the place special and how it has impacted him.

“There is no better feeling than taking care of these animals, giving them the love they deserve.” – Jamey Blyth